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Grass Fed COLOSTRUM — $68


— Every mammal's birthright is to receive colostrum as a first food. Colostrum is the fundamental nourishment that provides all the essentials to thrive as a healthy animal in nature. It is loaded with immune factors, growth factors and protective proteins. It is not only essential to mammals in the wild, but its powerful immune supportive compounds help us to prevent diseases, and assist in speedy recovery from injury. 



For most of human history, we effortlessly consumed (nose-to-tail) the things we needed for strength, health and happiness. Like the fertile ground that we once walked upon, we were a natural extension of this earth. In our modern world, we unknowingly struggle to fulfill our lifestyle and nutritional needs in order to support and sustain a vibrant, disease-free life. We are now part of a world where viral and bacterial infections, allergies, and compromised immune systems are common problems for most of humanity. People struggle to heal from disease and struggle to recover from injury. I believe that the ultimate solution is a return to ancestral living (see About Us page).

Whole food nutrient dense organs, glands, and the regular use of Grass Fed Colostrum can provide great benefit for those seeking targeted support in harmony with nature - the way our early ancestors did. Grass Fed Colostrum is a whole food dietary supplement that provides pure bovine colostrum - bioactive and nutritionally intact - with all of the specific vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids to fight disease, destroy pathogens, and promote human growth and cell repair. Our Grass Fed Colostrum retains ancestral properties that are otherwise absent in the modern world…



Most modern-day colostrums are not collected nor processed in a way to produce high efficacy. Mother cows produce the richest colostrum immediately after they give birth and for up to 24 hours, then their colostrum begins to transition to milk. Many farmers continue to collect colostrum from their cows for a few days after a calf is born. Milk that is collected 24 hours after birth only contains a small amount of colostrum. Collecting the colostrum within the first 24 hours is essential to obtaining the richest source. Our Grass Fed Colostrum is collected within the first 24 hours of calving. The calves needs are always met first, as this is crucial to the health and immunity of the calf, as well as the preservation of the herd. Cows produce more colostrum than the calf will drink, so there is an abundance to be shared and we are not taking anything away from the calf.

Most colostrum supplements are processed with high temperatures and become denatured. High temperatures break down the valuable nutrients and immune factors. Colostrum that is processed in this way doesn’t retain all of the powerful antibodies and growth factors that make it the superfood that it is. Our Grass Fed Colostrum is collected into a chilled bucket. It is then flash pasteurized and spray-dried under low temperature which allows the essential nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and antibodies to remain active and bioavailable.

[ NOTE: We are currently working on a totally raw, completely cold processed (freeze-dried) colostrum product. It's true... good things come to those who wait. ]



Our ancestors have had a symbiotic relationship with bovines since before the last ice age. The oldest cave paintings we know of are images of cattle, dated up to 20,000 years old, in Lascaux, France. (1) Neanderthals consumed ancient mammalian colostrum that allowed them to grow very robust and build an incredible amount of muscle mass. The immune factors from the ancient mammals also supported our ancestors to thrive in extreme conditions, like the end of an ice age. (2) Our ancestors’ relationship with bovines allowed us to survive and advance throughout history. Cattle played a vital role in primitive agriculture and were at the epicenter of the foundation of our earliest civilizations. It’s no surprise that our ancestors cherished the first milk produced by a mother cow, and derived great value from consuming it.

There are numerous recorded examples of praise given for colostrum throughout history. For thousands of years Ayurvedic medicine practitioners have used colostrum for its healing benefits, and in India, cows are still held as very sacred animals. Hieroglyphic texts show that colostrum was used by the Ancient Egyptians as well. There is a well-known image of Hathor, the cow goddess and symbol of rebirth, where she is depicted suckling the Pharaoh, offering her colostrum as the elixir of metamorphosis to confer immortality upon the king. (3)

There are even a number of present-day cultures that carry on the traditions of their ancestors. Masai tribesmen, in Kenya, drink bovine colostrum by the liter. Cows are considered their most important form of wealth, and they even sing songs of praise to colostrum in recognition of the health it gives them. (4) In England and Scandinavia, colostrum is a traditional tonic and folk remedy given to the entire family in the spring to keep them healthy for the entire year. The first milking of a cow following calving is traditionally made into a pudding called beestings, to celebrate the birth and promote good health.(5)



In nature, newborn mammals depend upon colostrum for their survival. Colostrum is the deep yellow liquid produced by a mother within the first hours of her infant’s life. It is often referred to as “liquid gold” because it is a highly concentrated superfood and it is critical to the survival of the newborn. Colostrum is every mammals first food and provides the animal with all of the building blocks to develop a healthy immune system.

We know that colostrum has been held as a sacred gift from cows for centuries, but only recently do we have the science to uphold the ancestral wisdom. Colostrum is so complex, scientists are still unraveling this liquid gold. Medical and clinical studies show that colostrum has immune factors that fight viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus, allergens and toxins.

One of the main elements that makes colostrum such a perfect food for supporting immune function is that colostrum contains immunoglobulins. Immunoglobulins are also known as antibodies. They play a vital role in our defense system. The main function of these molecules is to bind to invading organisms and to activate specific mechanisms that help rid the body of disease-causing agents. There are five classes of immunoglobulin that are recognized in mammals: IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE and IgD. The most prevalent class of immunoglobulin in all species of animals is IgG. Bovine colostrum has been shown to be essentially bio-identical to human colostrum, the major difference being in the relative amounts of some components, such as IgG and IgA. The immune factors in Bovine colostrum are found to be more potent and up to four times the amount found in human colostrum.

Another main component of colostrum is the multitude of growth factors that it holds within its complexity. Medical studies have shown that the vital growth factors from bovine colostrum are practically identical to human colostrum in composition. Furthermore, it has been shown that growth factors stimulate normal growth, as well as help regenerate and accelerate the repair of aged or injured muscle, skin collagen, bone, cartilage and nerve tissues. Growth factors also stimulate the body to burn fat for fuel instead of the body's own muscle tissue in times of fasting (diet) and build lean muscle. In addition, growth factors can be used as an effective topical application for burns, injuries and skin rejuvenation. (6)

Grass Fed Colostrum is a complex, whole food, ancestral nutrition source composed of the following(7):



Immunoglobulins (IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG, IgM): The primary immune factors in colostrum.

PRPs (Proline-rich Polypeptides): Shown to help regulate the thymus gland (the body's central command for the immune system). PRPs can both stimulate a weakened immune system and/or balance an overactive immune system, as is the case of many autoimmune diseases.

Lactoferrin: An iron-binding protein with antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and many other properties. Lactoferrin has been used in the treatment of such diseases as cancer, HIV, herpes, chronic fatigue, candida albicans and other infections.

Glycoproteins: (protease and trypsin inhibitors): Protect the immune and growth factors in colostrum from destruction by the digestive juices in the stomach and intestinal tract.

Lactalbumins: Research indicates tremendous possibilities that Lactalbumins can be highly effective against numerous forms of cancer and viruses. Lactalbumin has also been shown in vulnerable subjects to raise brain serotonin activity, reduce cortisol concentration, and improve mood under stress. • Cytokines - Interleukins, Interferon, and Lymphokines: Chemicals that are involved in cell-to-cell communication, antiviral and anti-tumor activity and regulation and intensity of immune responses.

Cytokines: Increase T-cell activity and stimulate production of immunoglobulins. One cytokine, interleukin-10, is a potent anti-inflammatory agent that has been shown to have a profound effect on pain relief. Interleukins have shown particular promise in fighting cancer.

Lysozyme: Helps protect the body from bacterial infections and has actually been shown to destroy bacteria on contact. May be used an effective topical antibiotic.



Epithelial Growth Factor (EGF): EGF is instrumental in protecting and maintaining the skin. Along with the other growth factors in colostrum, EGF can stimulate normal skin growth and repair cellular tissue.

Insulin-like Growth Factor I and II (IGF-I & IGF-II): IGF I & II are the most abundant growth factors in colostrum. They affect how the body uses fat, protein and sugar. IGF-I is one of the only substances known to stimulate the repair and growth of DNA and RNA, making it one of the most powerful anti-aging substances. IGF-I has been clinically proven to help increase lean muscle mass and may help regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Transforming Growth Factors A & B (TGF A & B): TGF stimulates the proliferation of cells in connective tissue and assists in the formation of bone and cartilage. It is also showing promise as a therapeutic agent in bone and wound healing. TGF can help repair tissue and may support the development of growth of the lining of the gut.

Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF): PDGF has been shown to help with cell division in connective tissue, smooth muscle, and fibroblasts. It may also assist in neuron survival and regeneration.



Colostrum is not a supplement—it is the whole food for the newborn. Its combination of vitamins and minerals are naturally occurring and in perfect combination.



Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins that are found in colostrum.



Lactose is present in trace amounts in colostrum. During the first 24 hours of production, the colostrum has the lowest levels of lactose. Most people with lactose intolerance can tolerate Grass Fed Colostrum with no side effects, and since the regular use of colostrum heals the intestinal wall it can reduce or eliminate many food allergies including allergies to lactose.



  • Pasture Raised In New Zealand
  • Grass-fed & Grass-Finished
  • Hormone, Pesticide & GMO-Free
  • Absolutely No Fillers (or) Flow Agents
  • 100% Freeze Dried & Non-Defatted
  • Third Party Tested For Purity
  • Allergen Free


New Zealand

— Our product is 100% sourced in New Zealand. In agricultural circles, it's known that the clean air, green pastures, and animal husbandry is at a higher level —

Ultra Pure

— Our product is 100% pure... This means that you won't see any of the extra stuff that most supplement companies include to save time and money (stearates, silica, etc) —

Freeze Dried

— Our product is 100% freeze dried in contrast to the heat processed varieties. This means that you get more of the heat sensitive vitamins, minerals and co-factors that make organ meats so incredibly nourishing —


— There has never been a case of mad cow disease in New Zealand. BSE (mad cow disease), scrapie and other known TSE’s, do not occur in New Zealand. A national surveillance programme is in place to provide comprehensive monitoring —



New Zealand seems like it was made for raising healthy animals. Its location and climate produce pristine conditions for cattle and sheep, and the farmers have uncanny expertise handed down for generations. New Zealand is unique among meat-producing regions in the world because its climate is moderate so the grass in the pastures grows fresh and grows green year-round which means the cows and sheep can eat the food that’s healthiest for them every day of the year.

Our nose-to-tail product line is always from grassfed, inspected animals born and raised without the use of pesticides, hormones or antibiotics. Health of livestock used for manufacturing in New Zealand is closely monitored by a world-leading biosecurity system that is second to none, and is a global exemplar. Strict government licensing, auditing and certification procedures mean that our genuine New Zealand freeze-dried (and low heat rendered) products can be used with complete confidence in their origin, safety and efficacy. Freeze-drying preserves the heat-sensitive vitamins, minerals and co-factors of components leaving the nutrients in the same balance as found in nature.


* Our product line is 100% additive-free. Absolutely no stearates, lubricants, binders, fillers or flow agents... except with our Bone Marrow (see Other Ingredients) *



  • Serving Size: 6 Capsules
  • Servings Per Container: 30


Freeze-Dried New Zealand Grassfed Colostrum (Bovine) 500MG


  • Colostrum

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Collagen (Beef Gelatin) Capsules

SUGGESTED USE: Six capsules daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.


* FDA STATEMENT: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Traditional peoples, Native Americans and early ancestral healers believed that eating the organs from a healthy animal would strengthen and support the health of the corresponding organ of the individual. For instance, the traditional way of treating a person with a weak heart was to feed the person the heart of a healthy animal. Similarly, consuming the colostrum, or first milk, of a mother animal was believed to provide the person with protection, strength and overall life-long health…

Grass Fed Colostrum is an ancient solution for people struggling with conditions related to auto-immunity, weak and fragile immune systems, allergies, overgrowth of yeast and fungus, viral infections and bacterial infections. Grass Fed Colostrum is a preventative food substance and dietary supplement that fights disease, destroys pathogens, as well as stimulates human growth and cell repair. It is not only essential to mammals in the wild, but its powerful immune supportive compounds strengthen our immune systems, help us to prevent diseases, and its growth factors assist in speedy recovery from injury, and increase our athletic performance.



Colostrum is arguably one of the most extremely rich, nutrient dense, and health-promoting foods you can possibly eat. Colostrum has been used for centuries by our ancestors who knew of its powerful immune factors and growth factors. Grass fed Colostrum is particularly rich in antibodies, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and many other powerful nutrients that most people are deficient in.

Grass fed colostrum contains compounds that help the human immune system function better, and growth factors that literally help us to grow and recover from injury quickly by promoting cell growth and cell repair. Colostrum can also reduce signs of aging, improve digestive health, increase athletic performance, heal wounds, reduce inflammation and improve muscle tone.

Many people look to ”like heals like" while neglecting the very fundamental nourishment that governs our biology, health and well-being. It's no wonder that so many people successfully support immune system health conditions and even increase their athletic performance and youthful appearance by simply nourishing their bodies with nature’s first food - Grass Fed Colostrum.* 



Humans have known for thousands of years the benefits of colostrum for newborns as well as people of all ages. However, it is interesting to note that bovine colostrum may provide us with greater benefit than human colostrum. This is due to a difference in the placenta of humans and cows. The human placenta allows the passage of immunoglobulin G (IgG), which is responsible for establishing systemic immunity, from mother to fetus. This means that a human baby is born with an immune system that is ready to defend the newborn against infection.

The placenta of the cow, however, does not allow the passage of IgG from mother to fetus. Therefore when the calf is born it is completely unprotected from infection and needs the IgG in the mother’s colostrum to survive. Thus bovine colostrum contains predominantly IgG (over 85% of total immunoglobulin) while human colostrum contains predominantly immunoglobulin A (IgA), which is designed for local immunity and is intended to help the newborn’s immune system handle infections locally in the gut rather than establish systemic immunity.

IgG, because it can pass immunity to a specific pathogen (disease-causing microorganism) from one individual to another, is therefore of much more benefit to humans past the stage of infancy. Colostrum contains protease and trypsin inhibitors which protect the immune and growth factors in colostrum from destruction by the digestive juices in the stomach and intestinal tract. This is why bovine colostrum is so good for humans. It is also produced in great quantities, by the mother cow far, exceeding the needs of the calf. (7)


— Based on the ancient ancestral wisdom that "like supports like." Consuming colostrum may support a healthy gut and immune system* —

— Based on the ancient ancestral wisdom that "like supports like." Colostrum may promote human growth and cellular, tissue and organ repair.* —

— Colostrum provides all the building blocks - bioactive and nutritionally intact - with the specific vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids to fight disease, and destroy pathogens.* —


  • Powerful Immune Factors: Immunoglobulins/Antibodies to fight infections and prevent disease, PRPs (Proline-rich Polypeptides), Lactoferrin, Glycoproteins & Cytokines.
  • Incredible Growth Factors: To heal, build and repair cellular, tissue and organ health; Epithelial Growth Factor (EGF), Insulin-like Growth Factor I and II (IGF-I & IGF-II), Transforming Growth Factors A & B (TGF A & B), Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF):
  • Essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids to support an overall healthy system 



  • Optimal Gut & Immune System Function
  • Thymus Health
  • Iron Health
  • Human Growth and Cell Repair
  • Increased Athletic Performance



Our Grass Fed Colostrum is a whole food dietary supplement that provides Grass Fed Colostrum within the ultimate food matrix. This supplement should be taken without food (even though it technically is food). The suggested use is 6 capsules a day or as directed by a healthcare professional — for added support, the dose can be doubled or tripled. If consuming more than six capsules at once, the doses should be separated by at least three hours.

As it relates to little ones, our Ancestral Supplements are 100% pure and they're encapsulated in 100% pure bovine gelatin. Since we do not add any stearates, lubricants, binders, fillers or flow agents, (except with our Bone Marrow; see Other Ingredients), our products contain all the natural nourishing properties of grass fed organs as they exist in harmony with nature. In other words, if you would consider preparing homemade liver and onions (or) a homemade organ meat paté for little one, our supplements would be no different — it's just food, whole-food at that!

In fact, many of our customers give our products to their babies, toddlers and teens... many email and post reviews about it, including one that notes that she gives her kid half the recommended dose for an anemia-related issue. Another reviewer remarks about our Thymus, at 1-2 capsules a day, is the only thing that works for her son's "angry" eczema. Even a new mom states that she opens the capsule and blends our liver into a homemade Weston A Price formula to give her baby a head start. As long as the little ones tolerate beef products without incident, you would just be giving a convenient source of ancestral nourishment.

As it relates to dosing, most of our functional healthcare practitioner accounts suggest 1 capsule for every 15-20 pounds of body weight. I always tell people that I put the care, attention and quality assurance into my products as if I am giving them to my family... because I am! My young boys, wife and I all take the Beef Liver, Beef Organs and Bone Marrow every day.



Most customers tolerate our supplements without incident; however, approximately 5 to 10% of customers (usually with an autoimmune condition) may experience a detoxification reaction. Detoxification reactions go by many different names including healing reactions, healing crises, cleansing reactions (or) Herxheimer reactions with hallmark symptoms of nausea, headache, lethargy, dizziness and other flu-like symptoms. In this instance, detoxification reactions are generally an indication that detoxification pathways in the body are back online... cells suddenly have an opportunity to release an even greater than normal quantity of stored toxins, metabolic wastes, pathogens and unwanted material. 

A detoxification reaction is more likely to occur when starting with the full suggested serving size of 6 capsules per day. If you know that you are sensitive to supplements and/or you have an autoimmune condition, you may wish to start slow when adding this product to your current regimen. Tolerability can be greatly improved by starting with just 1 (or) 2 capsules a day and increasing by just 1 capsule every couple of days — this method may take a full few weeks to achieve the desired serving size of 6 capsules per day.

If you know that you're ultra sensitive to supplements, email us and we'll do everything we can to help.



Okay, you're convinced! You're going to start incorporating nose-to-tail nourishment in your routine because, well... you're educated now... you understand, just as our early ancestors did, that they provide superlative health benefits that are missing in our modern diets. The next step is sourcing it. It's important that you source the highest quality because not all organs, glands and colostrums are created equal. Consider the source. 

  • Should Come From An Unpolluted Geographical Region — Isolated, Healthy, Pristine Lands 
  • Should Come From Pasture Raised Animals
  • Should Come From Grass-Fed
  • Should Come From Animals That Are Hormone, Pesticide & GMO-Free
  • Should Also Be Ultra Pure... Absolutely No Fillers (or) Flow Agents, No Allergens
  • Should Be Non-Defatted (if applicable)
  • Should Be 100% Freeze Dried... Freeze Drying Preserves Heat Sensitive Biological Activity (or) Low-Heat Rendered As Is The Case w/ Our Tallow

new zealand grassfed beef liver


If you're going to pick just one ancestral supplement to start with, make it our GRASS FED BEEF LIVER... unless you need targeted support with another specific organ system (see below). If you are going to pick two supplements, our GRASS FED BEEF LIVER and our GRASS FED BEEF ORGANS provide complementary and synergistic nourishment. If you can add a third supplement, GRASS FED BONE MARROW fills fat-soluble nutrition gaps and provides the fat-soluble activators that nutrition giant Dr. Weston Price extensively wrote about.

  • Grass Fed Beef Liver
  • Grass Fed Beef Organs (liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, spleen)
  • Grass Fed Bone Marrow

On the other hand, if you're looking for targeted organ support, you may be interested in our GRASS FED BEEF HEART to support heart health (or) our GRASS FED THYROID to support a struggling thyroid (or) our GRASS FED THYMUS to support thymus function and immune health... you get the picture.* We have a nose-to-tail product line that can be found on our "Products" page. If you can't find what you're looking for (or) you're not sure what you're looking for, send us an email and we'll do everything we can to help.


Grass Fed COLOSTRUM Summary

In Summary: Mankind was never designed to eat processed foods, breathe polluted air, drink polluted water, or lead sedentary lives. Grass Fed Colostrum can help us restore some of our lost balance. Grass Fed Colostrum is a whole food, nature’s first food for all mammals. This first food is what gives us our immunity, and set us up for lifelong health and longevity. It has shown great promise, for example, in treating autoimmune disorders, which can often be traced back to nutritional or environmental imbalances. Colostrum can help repair the damage we do to our gastrointestinal tracts from eating processed, fried and unhealthy foods.

Grass Fed Colostrum is a wonderful solution and supplement for those suffering from weak immune systems, athletes, people recovering from injury, and people who are seeking to restore their natural health and beauty. It can help each and every one of us to lead a happier and healthier life. Return your health with an ancestral super food: Grass Fed Colostrum.

[ FACT: There has never been a case of mad cow disease in New Zealand. BSE (mad cow disease), scrapie and other known TSE’s, do not occur in New Zealand. A national surveillance programme is in place to provide comprehensive monitoring. ]

We care deeply about each and every aspect of our "seed to supplement" business... great love and gratitude goes out to the souls of these beautiful creatures that sacrificed their lives so that we could be nourished.


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