Dying Wishes


Barb is writing this...  


Advance Directive / Living Will

If either myself and/or wife are in a position where we can no longer make informed medical decisions for ourselves, we'd like another chance! That means that we'd like to explore a supraphysiological ketone diet that's also rich in omega-3s (including lots of krill oil and non-rancid fish oils). No sugar. No carbs. No shit. Find a way to get me/us a carnivore-based diet that's high in good fats, moderate protein and virtually zero carbs. Further, we'd like exogenous ketones administered... let's see what happens.

Also, I/we would like to continue to follow the letter of our Ancestral Law. This means following everything on our "About Us" page as it relates to lifestyle, sleep (sunrise exposure, earthing, no ambient artificial light), diet (including magnesium, marrow, tallow, ketosis, etc), avoid dangers (see About Us page), hot and cold therapy, lots and lots of real sunshine, music and the warmth of human touch.

As of March 4th, 2019, I/we would like for Michael Rullan to be the one in charge of seeing this through. When is enough, enough? If I/we are not showing improvement within six months, that's enough. Pull the plug and celebrate my life with a big party. Amazing food, live music, dancing and fire.  

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