Overcoming PCOS and Endometriosis Symptoms Naturally With an Animal-Based Diet



Meg Connolly's journey with endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) underscores the profound impact of ancestral living on health and well-being. By honoring traditional dietary principles and incorporating desiccated organ supplements, she not only regained her health but also found a deeper connection to her heritage and a newfound sense of vitality. Through her advocacy for Ancestral Supplements, Meg shares her journey as a beacon of hope for others seeking natural, holistic approaches to health and healing.

Discover her story below.

“About eight years ago now, I got diagnosed with endometriosis. Endometriosis is a disease where a tissue similar to the inside of the uterus grows on the outside of the uterus. One in 10 women have it. It causes very painful periods and infertility.”

“When I got diagnosed with endometriosis, I actually was previously a vegan—because I didn't know what I didn't know at the time. And with the condition that I had, my body was rejecting all sorts of foods. Now, fast-forward about six, seven years, married to my husband, I noticed that I was in a cycle of infertility, not just with having some painful periods, but I also noticed that my fertile window was getting really short, which was a red flag to me.”

“Because of what I had been through with endometriosis, I actually am very in tune with my body and hypercritical of what my cycles look like, even when I was at my healthiest post-surgery when I got diagnosed with endo. And so I went back to have some tests done, and on an ultrasound, they actually noticed that I had had an endometrioma cyst.”

“So it's a type of cyst the size of a lime on my left ovary, one the size of a grape. I had polycystic ovarian syndrome in both of my ovaries, which I had never had before. And I had a fibroid protruding into the uterine cavity. So this now explained the season of infertility that I was in. And at that time, I had just gone from going 17 years without dairy, 13 years without red meat.”


“When I got all of this news about multiple cysts, infertility, and so forth, I started really reflecting about what I was putting in my body and on my body. And I actually... I'm a spiritual person, so in prayer, I thought about my grandmother. My grandmother had eight healthy children, and I realized the way that she ate and the way that she lived was the exact opposite of what I was doing.”

“When I got the PCOS diagnosis, along with the endo possibly coming back, what they actually gave me in the description of what to do, just did not resonate at all. They told me to cook with soybean oil, avoid butter. And then I thought about my grandmother, and I was like, my grandmother did the polar opposite of all of these things. I don't even know if these foods existed back then. And so I decided, you know what? I am going to do some research. So that's actually how I found Ancestral Supplements—when I was going down the rabbit hole of PCOS, female health, holistic health, the natural way of doing things.”

“And then I realized it also coincided with the content that you guys put out on your social platforms. And people in this realm of ancestral living live very similarly to the way that my grandmother had lived. So I decided that I was going to just be very disciplined and very dedicated to eliminating all industrial seed oils from my diet, really start eating red meat again. And that's when I started raw dairy, honey, fruit, and going fully organic and starting to take Ancestral Supplements.”

“In the beginning, I just bought everything. I was like, let me just try all of this and see what works. In four months, PCOS was reversed entirely. I even have the blood work to prove it. When I had the blood work with the diagnosis, I was actually borderline insulin resistant. And then four months after, when I had my CBC and full blood panel, I was insulin sensitive and my blood work was completely stabilized. In addition to that, for years I had dealt with chronically high cortisol, and my cortisol for the first time in four years was actually at a healthy range.”

“I was also monitoring how my body felt. And while I was going through this, obviously I had the data to work with, because I'm very big on data in addition to how I feel, I realized that I wasn't having the significant pain that I was having anymore, and I was having a normal fertile window again, which was something that was concerning me prior to the diagnosis. When I went for the ultrasound, the string of pearl appearance was gone. There was no PCOS anymore. The follicular cysts that I had had were gone. The hormonal acne that I experienced was gone. And like I mentioned before, I was now insulin sensitive versus being insulin resistant.”

“That made it very clear to me that I needed to continue on this journey to see where my body was going. And also, I still had a giant endometrioma cyst, two of them on one ovary. And so at that point, I had reconnected with my surgeon because I thought maybe I'd re-explore surgery. Now, it's been two years after the cyst the size of a lime, it's now about a third of the size just shrinking it naturally. I'm just saying this very clearly, endometrioma cysts don't really typically shrink on their own. It just doesn't happen. And so when I went back to my surgeon with this data and told him what I had been doing, he's like, whatever you're doing, just keep doing it, because it's clearly working.”

“I feel amazing now. And honestly, it's a lifestyle to me, and this is why I've started sharing so much about it because it's really changed my life.”

“When I was vegan it was really just my endo was so bad. I didn't know I had had endo, but I was in pain. Everything that I ate made me extremely bloated and very painful. Once I had introduced animal foods into my diet, my head was clearer than it had ever been before. I was super productive. I'm getting more work done before eight a.m. than most people get in a whole week, and I was just completely mind blown by that.”

“When I started throwing everything away in my pantry that had seed oils, I noticed that even my prenatal vitamin had seed oils in it.”

“So I called up my friend, and my friend is very into the ancestral living, and I just didn't know that that's what it was at the time. And she was the type of person that I needed to call with these types of questions. And so I said, “Hey, Jenny, my prenatal has seed oils in it. I have to throw this out. What do you use?" And she actually sent me a picture of a whole stack of Ancestral Supplements.”

“I was like, okay. It blew my mind because as a young child, my dad has always been into this type of living, and I always dismissed him. I'm like, "Dad, that's silly stuff. That's silly stuff." And he'd be like, "But Meg take this." And it was a supplement that had bovine prostate, bovine liver. I'm like, "Dad, I don't want that. That's gross." I was like eight or nine years old, and now here I am with the whole stack of desiccated organ supplements and it changed my life, and he loves it.”

“I ordered everything at once. Beef Organs, Fish Eggs, FEM. I just bought as much as I could to start out with. And also Colostrum. I know it's not desiccated organs, but I had been educated on colostrum... so I also included that. And it was very interesting because when I started taking it, I was like, it makes so much sense to me now. Like supports like. I just didn't think of it before, but it makes so much sense. I noticed a difference so quickly.”

“So my favorite, to be honest with you, the beef organs, the FEM, and I really do love the colostrum. If I'm feeling slightly under the weather, if I've been traveling, I give myself an extra boost of the colostrum and I am good to go. I don't get as severely sick as other people. I absolutely love it, but I do take others as well. I take Fish Eggs, I take Adrenal when I'm feeling a little bit more stressed, if I have a little bit more on my plate, and then my husband takes the Beef Brain, MOFO, and the fish eggs, and then the beef organs as well.”

“Another thing I wanted to mention, when I was doing the research on all of this, when I was really meditating and praying on the lifestyle change I was about to make, I thought about it... Our ancestors really didn't just sacrifice an animal for the muscle meat. They honored the animal nose to tail. They used every single aspect of that animal because they cared about the animal's life. So when people say that animal-based people don't have compassion for the animals, I think that's totally incorrect. It is so fascinating, and to me now it's a no-brainer to consume organ meats. Even just animals out in the wild, they go for the liver first. It's unbelievable to me, and you look at menus from 100 years ago, the Titanic, other restaurants, organ meats are a delicacy.”

“I always recommend Ancestral Supplements when people ask me what my supplement routine looks like. And I always, for people who are not familiar with desiccated organ supplements at all, and they're intrigued by it, I always let people know there is no aftertaste—if you're not a person that would like the taste of liver or the texture or whatever when you're taking the capsules.”

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