The 9 Ancestral Tenets—the Best “Supplements” That Exist

"Too many people are suffering and struggling today with depression, anxiety, autoimmune, infertility, low energy, low ambitions... there's a simple, elegant solution to living a strong and robust life that's full of adventure and excitement... it's called Ancestral living (the 9 Tenets)... it's how we lived for millions of years... it's accessible to everyone... and it's something that you can do today, and it will impact and change your life tomorrow."
- Liver King

While it would be wrong to say he “invented them” (because they’ve always existed), our founder (the Liver King) first began writing and demonstrating The 9 Ancestral Tenets to the modern world in 2014, and since then they’ve inspired and saved countless lives.

Before the world knew him as the Liver King, with passion and purpose he dedicated years supporting thousands of customers, many in dire need of help with no one else to turn to. We’ve never seen anyone care so much.

Today, Liver King is blazing his own trail as CEO of the Ancestral Lifestyle, on a mission that goes well beyond our perimeter to share, connect, bond, and return us all to strength, health and happiness.

Meanwhile, back at Ancestral Supplements HQ, he’s passed the reins to a small group of true believers who have fought for our customers from the very beginning… We live and breathe ancestral, and we're honored every day to Protect and Support.

I guess you could say that as far as supplement companies go, we’re a little unconventional, because we believe in healing through ancestral lifestyle practices first, and we just so happen to sell supplements…

Because there’s no one pill or supplement that can offer a solution—in biological systems, it’s rarely one (or the other) that produces results (for the good, or the bad) but rather the combination of diet, lifestyle and behavior.

For us, that combination is built on and around ancestral living… on proven ways to work with our biology to achieve the best versions of what we can be. After all, we believe robust strength and exceptional health were once central to our existence…

We also believe the potential for strength and health remains encoded in our DNA to this very day, and under certain conditions, we can genetically express the strongest, healthiest version of ourselves.

These “certain conditions” are The 9 Ancestral Tenets—the best "supplements” that exist:



















Etched into our ethos many moons ago, together these Tenets are the bedrock of our tribe, and the foundation our families are built on. Most importantly, these are the ways we have watched our customers cure their modern world ailments (allergies, eczema, anemia, autoimmunity, chronic pain, etc.) and go on to thrive like our ancestors did...

[1] Sleep Like a Rock

The human organism is highly adapted to a sleep environment that no longer exists.

Our ancestors slept directly on the ground. We were never meant to be disconnected from the electrons of the Earth, and certainly we were not meant to sleep on pillow top mattresses.

Perhaps the most dangerous threat to our sleep is artificial blue light which has only come about in the last century from our electronic devices, screens, light bulbs, etc. Exposure after sunset disrupts our native sleep / wake cycle through the unnatural suppression of melatonin… yet 9 out of 10 Americans use electronics before bed. Some even use electronics in bed!

Compare this to our indigenous tribes who still sit around the fire every night before they go to sleep… a tradition largely lost by the modern world. Warmth, light and energy from the fire might be considered nature’s original ‘red light therapy’.

If you’re indoors, light a few candles or use red lights / himalayan salt lamps… native light sources just feel better after sunset than regular lighting (our bodies always know). If you must use electronics at night, always keep a pair of blue light blockers nearby—the best $10 investment in most people's lives!

It’s also important to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, and get plenty of morning sun (hopefully with bare feet in the soil). Morning sun on our retinas stimulates a cascade of hormonal processes that optimize the circadian rhythm.

At bedtime use blackout curtains and blackout blinds... the room needs to be pitch black. No battery lights, no night lights, nothing! And at least consider building a bed out of Earthing materials like our tribe does. Firmer (earth-like) sleep surfaces also mobilize muscle and joint pathways that become atrophied by softer beds in the modern world.

On the hierarchy of health, sleep trumps almost everything, so we can be confident that any temporary sacrifices we make to improve our sleep are worthwhile investments in our health and happiness. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping… It's time we start paying more attention!

[2] Eat Like Our Ancestors

Many people in the modern world look to targeted support for their chronic health conditions while neglecting the very fundamental nourishment that governs our biology, health and well-being. Think root cause... root cause is almost always nutrient deficiencies.

Modern food products are devoid of actual, real nutrition. They are hyper palatable so you can’t stop eating them... they hijack your brain's natural satiety-control mechanism, sending your appetite into overdrive, which is why it’s so difficult to have ‘just a little’.

If our early ancestors couldn’t hunt or gather it, then it likely doesn’t belong on a plate. Real, whole food is a gift designed by nature to nourish our bodies and bring us strength and healing. Our ancestors saw the whole animal (nose to tail, bones and blood, horns to hooves nourishment) as the most precious gift of all.

Liver in particular is nature’s most nutrient rich superfood and fills modern world nutrition gaps better than any other food in existence. You would not believe the breakthroughs our tribe has seen in customers just from incorporating Liver (& Bone and Marrow) into their lives.

Replace processed foods, seed oils and liquid calories with real primal fare… meat, organs, marrow from ruminant animals (cows, deer, bison, sheep), pastured eggs, wild fish (especially fish eggs), high quality dairy and animal fats (ghee, tallow, yogurt, cheese and duck fat). We also enjoy seasonal fruits and fermented veggies, potatoes, avocado, coconut, as well as our own recipes... plenty of Himalayan pink salt to taste, honey or maple syrup to sweeten!

We end up using a nutrient dense ketogenic-like diet and ancestral eating patterns as a tool... it’s not really a diet per se but a way of eating that models that of our early ancestors, who evolved as fat hunters cycling in and out of 'ketosis' on a regular basis.

Strict (high fat) ketogenic diets give us a short term path to remove inflammatory foods and enter a fat-burning state especially adept at curing gut dysbiosis, mental illness and autoimmune conditions. Long term, cycle quality carbohydrates into your diet as our ancestors would have... it's how we evolved and adapted.

This should also include periodic water fasting which is likely the single, most powerful metabolic intervention in existence, and it's the default way of life in the animal kingdom! Only recently have we had such easy, unlimited access to food. Can't figure out how to heal and be healthy? Consider a 5-day water fast to address the root cause issues.


[3] Move Like Our Ancestors

Modern Americans spend an average of 13 hours a day sitting down. Add 8 hours for sleep, and that’s 21 total hours a day spent in a sedentary state!

Our physiology adapts to the environments that we create. With that said, we literally create new vascular physiology that's aligned with a sedentary life when we don't move enough.

For our ancestors, movement was constant, it was rough, and it was never routine. People in hunter-gatherer groups probably walked upwards of 10,000 steps a day. Start by taking your tribe for a walk in nature, every day twice a day. We are bipedal tribal Sapiens, nothing is more natural than this!

You can bet our ancestors' lives also involved even more exhaustive efforts... we’re talking blood burning, can't breathe, heart racing, move mountains, I'm-gonna-die, efforts. As such we keep our workouts brief, intense, heavy and with real world functional movement patterns.

What you do with your body is just as important as what you put into it... in maintaining a "healthy level of movement," one develops a healthy approach to consumption, where instincts become far more identifiable and beneficial. The well-being that builds from balanced movement trumps the need for consumption based satisfaction, such as food, pain killers, alcohol, drugs etc.

Dynamic movement feeds the body what Katy Bowman (author of Move Your DNA) refers to as unique “movement nutrients” (through loads on our cells) much like whole food does. Before you know it, your physiology adapts to the new, active you. Movement becomes less of a chore… more of a way of life!

Don't believe us... try it! Just try moving more. We’re not asking much… we’re just asking you to put one foot in front of the other. Get 10,000 steps a day or walk for 60 to 90 minutes. And lift something heavy while you’re at it!

[4] Shield From Dangers

While our early ancestors had to shield against lions, hostile tribes and treacherous weather, in the modern world we must shield against even more insidious dangers. Top of this list are xenoestrogens like phthalates, BPAs, alkylphenols and PCBs. They are everywhere, from our food and water, to clothes and all plastics. They wreak havoc on our hormones and are scientifically linked to the decline in fertility in recent decades.

If that wasn’t enough, we must also shield against near-constant non-native blue light and EMF (electromagnetic fields) exposure, seed oils, fluoride, mercury fillings, and pesticides. The modern world has increasingly more of these harmful toxins, even more so than 60, 30, or even 10 years ago. They come at us from all directions and they too damage our hormones, metabolism, sleep and energy.

What to do to protect yourself is more categorical in nature because to list everything under this category would be virtually impossible. It will also seem totally impractical to do it all but it’s truly amazing the impact that even little steps can make…

For instance, instead of avoiding your off-gassing furniture, open the windows and get some house plants in each room to soak up the toxins... these plants will even go one step further and produce fresh air while they're at it.

Instead of outfitting your house for ethernet and ditching your smartphone, turn off your WIFI at night, take your phone out of your pocket as much as possible, and keep it in airplane mode when you sleep. We know several functional doctors who won't take on new patients until they implement these basic EMF remediation strategies.

The perfumes/colognes/deodorants also have to go… they are laden with xenoestrogens and other volatile organic compounds. Swap the non-stick frying pan for stainless steel/cast iron—non-stick coatings are toxic and leach into food. While you’re at it, replace plastic water bottles with glass or stainless steel.

Our environment determines whether or not the conditions for healing even exist in the first place. Shield yourself with a native habitat and your body will spend less time hoarding off threats and more time healing!

[5] Connect to the Earth

We believe that connecting with nature (in all its forms) can be the best medicine of all. Our early ancestors were in constant contact with nature. Like the fertile ground we once walked upon, we were a natural extension of this earth.

Think about it... when was the last time you had your bare feet directly connected to the earth? How long did you stay connected? We are the only living creature to sever this connection… all others (bugs, fish, mammals, trees, grasses) remain connected 24/7/365.

For our ancestors, it wasn’t called ‘Earthing’... it was just living. Our planet too is always living, always regenerating and giving off a powerful natural healing energy. Now this may sound like mysticism, but it’s actually physics!

You see, positive electrons in the form of free radicals accumulate in our bodies and cause inflammation. Because the earth has a slightly negative charge, when we connect we neutralize these positive electrons. But since the advent of shoes, houses, flooring, and elevated beds, we’ve lost our connection with the Earth and its inherent electrical field.

From the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! (a must read)... “Earthing restores and maintains the human body’s most natural electrical state, which in turn promotes optimum health and functionality in daily life. The primordial nature energy emanating from the Earth is the ultimate anti-inflammatory and the ultimate anti-aging medicine.”

The beauty of this Tenet is that it doesn't cost anything... it doesn't require a whole lot of effort... all you need to do is take off your shoes and put your bare feet directly on the earth (grass, dirt, gravel, sand, etc). That's it!

If you see and feel the value in it, you'll do it more. Our tribe does it every day and many of us do it weekly when we go on our barefoot hikes… we love the ancestral connection, and it just feels right!

[6] Get Cold

Like all mammals, our DNA has evolved with the cold… we’re purpose built for it. In the modern world though, we’re rarely subjected to cold temperatures for any real duration.

When we get cold, we tap into ancient adaptive processes and response mechanisms that are hardwired into our genes. Consistent practice builds resilience not only to cold temperatures, but to all other forms of stress you face in life.

Intentional cold exposure upregulates brown adipose tissue for fat burning, creates cold shock proteins for neurocognitive benefits, and increases glutathione for a stronger immune system.

We also have 60,000 miles of blood vessels within us that are lined with smooth muscles that constrict (or) dilate based on our perception of temperature. The process of vasoconstriction and vasodilation is like exercise for your blood vessels.

Start in the shower by switching between cold and hot for 30 seconds at a time. At first, you won’t be thanking us for it because it’s downright uncomfortable! But continue the shower contrasts over a 30 day period and take notice how you feel afterwards…

Before you know it you’ll be filling your bathtub full of ice! It gets easier and easier because the adaptive mechanisms, including the smooth muscles that line the blood vessels, adapt... they get stronger, faster and more efficient at doing what they were designed to do.

You will notice that your ability to withstand cold will increase considerably after only a few days. Like any other stressor, we adapt… it gets easier… and it starts to feel amazing.

[7] Get Sun, Magnesium, Fat-Soluble Activators

We’re taught in the modern world to fear the source of all life on earth—our sun. How crazy is that?!? Many people think we should avoid it or worse, obstruct it with cancer-causing/hormone-disrupting sunscreens.

But it’s actually a lack of sunlight and especially vitamin D that lies at the root of much of the anxiety, depression, and fatigue we see in the world today. It’s estimated that 40% of American adults are deficient in Vitamin D.

We can maximize our Vitamin D intake by exposing large skin surface areas to the sun during peak time, typically for up to 20 minutes depending on skin tolerance. If you’re prone to burning, it’s important to keep a timer (especially in the Summer) and work your way up!

We can also find Vitamin D in a handful of whole seafoods including SMASH fish (Sardines, Mackerel, Anchovy, Salmon, Herring) and wild caught fish eggs. When the body gets ample vitamin D, it works synergistically with the other fat-soluble vitamins A and K (from liver and marrow), as well as magnesium to optimize metabolism, hormonal balance, bone strength and energy.

Magnesium is required for the production of all proteins, including those that interact with vitamins A and D. If one doesn't consume adequate magnesium, it's impossible to reap all the benefits from sun exposure (or a nose-to-tail diet). Our ancestors had steady access to magnesium-rich soils, streams, plants, and animals, but in the modern world, almost everyone is deficient in magnesium.

Including a potent source of magnesium in your daily regimen will make up for this disadvantage. Get the most out of your fat solubles (A+D+K) by combining daily magnesium oil (or our Ancestral Minerals) with staples like liver, marrow, fish eggs, tallow, egg yolks, as well as (at least) 20 minutes of morning sun, 20 minutes of midday sun, and a further 20 minutes of evening sun.

The sun is such an astonishing gift from nature that it’s easy to take for granted. Every day it burns, we’re given another day of life. Midday sun is especially precious. So is a sunset spent with loved ones so never let a good one go to waste!

Get Fat-Soluble Activators

[8] Struggle, Fight, Win!

Nature is designed in such a way that too much comfort is not good for the organism. Weaknesses are created over time and eventually exposed when the harsh elements arrive. It’s our rite of passage as a living creature on this Earth to struggle, so dig in and embrace it!

Not enough people view struggle as a gift, but it’s where our strength comes from. That’s why our tribe doesn’t just share our wins, we share our struggles too, and we often find they are our greatest opportunities to protect, support, fight and win.

Liver King used to ask us, "What's the hardest thing you've ever done?" For many of us it's the Barbarian—a harrowing 230+ pound weighted-carry initiation experience we all must endure and conquer in order to be part of the Ancestral Supplements tribe.

Physical rites of passage like the Barbarian are life-altering quests of the soul that can help us discover who we really are. In the context of a lifetime, these realizations and moments of intensity are ours to carry with us, especially when we cross the finish line and enter an entirely new chapter of our lives... and the backpack finally comes off!

These rituals were even more important for our ancestors, who summoned fierce bravery in the face of unthinkable adversity. There can be no real triumph without courage, so how and where do we find it within ourselves to face our worst fears in the modern world and move beyond our personal limitations?

In the context of leading a routine-driven schedule, it’s about discovering primal purpose in our daily existence. Start by introducing some novelty into your life! It’s also what our DNA needs to express our best self.

In the beginning, we’re talking about simple things like brushing your teeth with the other hand, or crossing your arms left over right. Sit in a different chair in a different way. Drive different paths to and from new and old places. Don't just let yourself exist on autopilot... be fearless enough to create novelty in everything that you do.

Take it a step further with a 5-day water fast… a true struggle for the mind, body and spirit that will also do amazing things for your biology. Fasting acts like a genetic reset of sorts and better equips us to handle our fears and struggles in life.

And have you taken a freezing cold shower yet? We know this is Tenet #6 but go do this right now to elicit a state of being that will remind you of what it's like to feel alive again. That ice cold shower seemingly puts you in harm's way… you will endure discomfort, you will fight to overcome real and imagined struggle, and you will win!

[9] Bond with Your Tribe

Since the inception of our species, we belonged to a far greater purpose... our tribe. For our early ancestors, purpose was protecting and providing for the tribe... risking life and limb to guard the perimeter and raising the next generation to do the same.

Living a life with those responsibilities forged powerful bonds and gave life immense purpose… it made life worth living. But in the modern world we rarely get the opportunity to do the same. We outsource our security, children are educated by strangers, and families are scattered far and wide.

In a tribe, we believe and belong to each other (to thy fellow man; to thy fellow woman; to thy shared belief)... we belong with such connection and purpose that we clearly know our roles and goals as individuals and we know exactly where we fit in... we know our place in the tribe.. we know our place in the world.

It’s about getting crystal clear on what you believe in and stand for (for us, that is ancestral living). Then start building... and by that we mean find one other human who believes what you believe. Then another, and then another...

Before long, you'll have built yourself a tribe! One with a sense of community... a sense that everyone is needed and that everyone is important, united by a primal purpose that awakens the old spirit within.

For some of us, this might start with reaching out to friends and family we’ve lost touch with… the modern world will do that. But there’s no need to wait another day—send them a text, get on a call or better yet, carve out time and see them in person. Don’t underestimate how powerful this action is. It can literally save lives. The more love we share, the more healing we can all do together.

Protect & Support

If you feel lost in looking for your tribe, the good news is you’ve already found one. We will always protect and support you through whatever you’re going through, all you have to do is reach out to us at We treat our customers like family because to us, you are our family. Your support is our lifeblood, the backbone of our mission and the fire that fuels us every day.

Since the beginning, we have always known it was going to take a tribe… one that grows together (in number and in character) and gets more inspired by the day. With your help, we have the collective power (as one tribe) to put back into our world what’s been missing—the keys to reclaiming our strength and health in these 9 Ancestral Tenets.

Now that you’ve been formally introduced to them, we hope you’ll look forward to our upcoming blog series where we dive deeper into the nuances of each individual Tenet, and guide you through the process of adopting a more ancestrally aligned lifestyle, one step at a time.

Our bodies have this remarkable ability to heal… we just have to create the right environment for it to do so. This is what you’re doing now with each ancestral change in your life! You’re creating the right environment.

So no matter what you’re facing… no matter your struggles… remember they’ve led you here, and you’ve come to the right place. We see people suffering and struggling every day, and we see them regain physical, mental and emotional energy to live a full, robust and rich life again.

And don’t forget at the end of the day, we truly are one tribe. Every one of us here at Ancestral Supplements will never stop fighting for you. Our mission is our purpose… putting back in, what the modern world left out… to return our people to strength, health and happiness.

Because we believe Mother Nature had it right.

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