Quality Controls

Our quality control procedures include pre and post encapsulation testing (microbiological and
material identification) with all products. We also retain a bottle of finished product from the beginning, middle and end of every production run for retesting. We blend our products in a pharmaceutical grade V blender and screen the materials through 12 mesh screens prior to blending. All of the biological
assays were (still are) passing and within specifications for all active products.

  • 3rd party microbial testing before and after encapsulation
  • 3rd party veterinarian health inspection is performed by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries— for 100% of our animal-derived biologics
  • Near Infrared Spectroscopy testing before and after encapsulation
  • We exclusively harvest Brain, Bone Marrow and Thymus from young calves and/or lamb
  • We exclusively harvest from small family ranchers
  • We produce one small batch at a time to ensure freshness, higher quality and attention to detail... (this also means that we sell out from time to time)

Our entire product line is manufactured in an FDA Registered GMP Certified Facility.