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Are you ready to face challenges which will bring you closer to your ancestors?

qualifier event 1


Burpee Box Jump Over, 24"/20"

At the sound of 3... 2... 1... GO! The athlete will complete as many reps as possible (AMRAP) of Burpee Box Jump Overs in a 60 seconds time frame (1 minute). Males must use a 24-inch box and females must use a 20-inch box. The athlete will start standing tall and facing the box. When the timer starts, the athlete must lie prone on the ground, facing the box, with their chest clearly making contact with the ground. Then the athlete may choose to either jump or step over the box. However, completely hurdling over the box is not allowed. You may also not touch the box with your hands, elbow, or arm. This will result in a no rep. Once the athlete gets to the other side, he or she must turn, face the box, and repeat the same movement until time expires. (Note both feet must touch the top of the box each rep)


qualifier event 2

1 Max Effort Set of Unbroken Kettlebell Swings (American), 70#/53#

There will be no timer required for this workout. At the sound of GO! The athlete will pick their kettlebell off the ground and begin performing as many Kettlebell Swings as possible until failure. For each rep to count towards his or her total score, the kettlebell must pass between the thighs at the bottom position and finish with the hands of the athlete clearly above the head and the elbows at full extension. Note that the kettlebell DOES NOT need to be completely inverted for the repetition to count. If the athlete sets the kettlebell back on the ground, or drops the kettlebell, the workout is over. If the athlete, stops the flow of the movement (arms come to a dead stop), the workout is over. If the athlete does not complete a full rep (i.e. hands/elbows not coming to extension above the head), he or she will receive a "NO REP" but may continue their workout until the kettlebell returns to the ground.

The final score will be the total number of "GOOD" repetitions performed without stopping the movement.



For Time:
15/10 Row for Calories
15 Thruster, 75#/55#
12/8 Row for Calories
12 Thruster, 75#/55#
9/6 Row for Calories
9 Thruster, 75#/55#

The workout begins with the athlete seated on the rower, feet stapped in, and hands OFF the handle. At the sound of 3... 2... 1... GO! The athlete will grab the rowing handle and begin to accumulate calories displayed on the monitor. Once the monitor reads 15 calories for males or 10 calories for females, he or she can move on to the thruster movement for 15 repetitions. The athlete will take the bar from the ground to the front rack position to begin the thrusters. A squat clean into a thruster will count towards a good repetition. Each thruster will consist of a front squat directly into an overhead press. This should be one fluid motion consisting of the athlete going from a full front squat at the bottom of the position and finishing with the barbell overhead... clearly showing lockout with the barbell over the ears and full extension at the elbows, hips, and knees. After the 15 repetitions are completed, the athlete will return to the rower for 12 calories (males) or 8 calories (females). Then, back to the barbell for 12 thrusters. Then, back to the rower for 9 calories (males) or 6 calories (females). And, finally, 9 thrusters to end the workout. The score is the total time once all the movements and repetitions are completed.



 Patience you must have my young padawan...

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