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We occasionally hear about various issues related to swallowing capsules and/or the amount of capsules required to achieve therapeutic benefit (in some cases). In the past, we have experimented with free flowing powders but the market did not respond well for various reasons. Throughout the years, we've collected some of your favorite recipes and aim to re-purpose some of those right here on this recipe page. If you've got a secret recipe up your sleeve, please send it to us so that we can share it with the world. Just go to our "Contact Us" page and we'll post it here... pictures are encouraged!



Cherry Liver Smoothie

Many of our customers find success by mixing the capsule powder with tomato, cherry or kimchi juice... spicy kimchi juice is my personal favorite. If you go with the cherry juice, you can buy the juice, or do what I do at home... I mix a few organic frozen cherries with a tiny amount of raw local honey, spring water and desiccated organs, blend, gulp and wipe face. Everybody in the family seems to like this one!

    • 3-6 organic cherries

    • 1 tsp (or) 3-6 grams of raw, local honey

    • 3-6 ounces of natural spring water

    • 3-6 capsules worth of desiccated organ powder



Another idea is to mix the capsule/s with food that you are eating... for instance, many customers mix our products with ground beef (or) ground lamb, grilled veggies and ghee. Be sure to add the desiccated organ powder after the high heat to preserve as much biological activity as possible.

 Ground Beef w/ Ghee, Liver, Heart, Kidney, Pancreas, Spleen

    • 1 pound of pasture-raised, grass fed and grass finished ground beef

    • 1-2 cups of chopped organic veggies

    • 1-2 tbsp of organic, pasture-raised ghee

    • 12-24 capsules worth of desiccated organ powder (add this just before serving)

    • OPTIONAL: 1-2 tbsp of organic, sugar-free tomato sauce¬†


YOGURT, drizzle a' honey and bone marrow

Homemade Yogurt w/ Bone Marrow 

Yes, yogurt seems to pair well with our Bone Marrow because the Bone Marrow has these little, tiny chunks of cartilage and bone fragments... since we swallow (as opposed to chew) yogurt, it's like a match made in Heaven. Drizzle a little honey over it and you'll have no trouble swallowing this recipe. 

    • 1 cup of homemade or pasture-rasied, grass fed yogurt (I like Wallaby's if we're out of the homemade variety

    • 1 drizzle of raw, local honey

    • 6 capsules worth of desiccated Bone Marrow powder

    • Mix, savor, be nourished!



Applesauce and Bone Marrow

Good ol' fashioned applesauce seems to seems to pair well with just about any of our products. I know, it doesn't sound delicous but many-a-customers (and their kids) love this one.  

    • 1 cup of organic or homemade applesauce

    • 6 capsules worth of any Ancestral Supplements' powder

    • Pro Tip: drizzle a little bit of honey for picky eaters


SCRAMBLED EGGS w/ thYmus & liver

Scrambled Eggs w/ Thymus and Liver

    • 2- 3 eggs

    • 1 tbsp of pasture-raised, organic ghee or butter

    • Salt and pepper

    • 2-3 capsules worth of desiccated organ powder such as Thymus, Liver, Brain or Organs¬†



Raw Organs Shooter

    • little honey

    • little lemon

    • little water

    • little salt

    • 1 capsule worth of ea desiccated organ powder (brain, thymus, organs, kidney)



Just remember (I know you know this), our DNA evolved being nourished with all parts of the animal and our DNA still expects these inputs today to heal and be healthy. Even a capsule or two a week of various products will still provide some of these unique tissues that would otherwise be totally absent. One of my favorite practitioners prescribes the recommended dose of Liver and Bone Marrow every day along with just 1 capsule of Beef Organs ea day. In addition, she has her patients also get comprehensive coverage, with the other tissues, by just taking 1 capsule once a week.

    • Mon - Brain

    • Tues - Thymus

    • Wed - Thyroid

    • Thur - Trachea

    • Fri - Intestine

    • Sat - Lung

    • Sun - Gallbladder

She hands out one of those weekly pill holders so all days get pre-loaded with the right organ / glandular. Somewhere down the road, we'll make a complete product with a little bit of everything, but you could imagine, the amount of each tissue will be very small in each capsule (around 40mg of each tissue per capsule compared to 250 to 500mg currently). I wholeheartedly agree about these foods being foundational to our biology. It's really amazing to hear from customers on a daily about how these "supplements" changed their lives or their autistic son's life, or their cognitively impaired mother's life.



This is an incredible, delicious, over-the-moon recipe to get your fat fixins, protein, "Living" Collagen and more.

Tallow Bone Marrow Pemmican Concoction

First, you take your tallow, duck fat, goat ghee (optional) and organic almond butter and stick 'em in the oven on easy bake (that's 170 degrees) for about 30 minutes. While this is "warming," take a large pot and mix the following dry items: Bluebonnet's Grass Fed Vanilla Protein, Gelatin and/or "Living" Collagen, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Organic Cinnamon, Creatine, Dehydrated Egg Shells & Egg Shell Membrane (optional), and desiccated Grass Fed Beef Organs and Bone Marrow. Make sure to mix these dry goods really well so that it's a homogeneous mixture... if you added the cinnamon, you'll clearly be able to tell when it's homogeneous.

NOTE: Did you know that a good 40% - 50% of methylation resources are used to synthesize endogenous production of creatine... If we give our bodies the creatine that it needs, our methylation cycle improves.

By now, these nourishing fats (great for hormone and hair health) are just about ready to take out of the oven. Be sure to have a separate large pot ready to mix these in. Next, you'll add your tallow, duck fat, goat ghee, and almond butter in no particular order. Give it a good stir with a wooden spoon and you're set.

Now it's time to pour in the dry mixture in with the fats and stir vigorously. When this looks good, you'll want to add some raw honey to taste... for me, I add about 300 to 350 grams of raw honey (see below) which is equal to about 15 to 20 grams of carbs per serving. Once again, give it a good stir, pour into unbleached, large baking cups and put into the fridge. Are you kidding me... I actually set a timer when I eat these because they're so delicious, I'm tempted to devour them in 60 seconds or less so I pace myself, savor and enjoy. The below measurements makes 14 servings in my house. If you have questions, send an email.


    • Tallow - 210 grams

    • Duck Fat - 70 grams

    • Goat Ghee - 15 grams

    • Almond Butter - 420 grams (the whole jar)


    • Bluebonnet's Grass Fed Vanilla Protein - 210 grams

    • Grass Fed Gelatin - 120 grams

    • Grass Fed "Living" Collagen - 20 grams

    • Himalayan Pink Sea Salt - 24 grams

    • Cinnamon - 14 grams

    • Creatine - 28 grams

    • Organic, Pasture-Raised Dehydrated Egg Shells (optional) - 70 grams

    • Grass Fed Organs - 14 to 28 capsules

    • Grass Fed Bone Marrow - 14 to 28 capsules


    • 300 TO 350 grams, this goes in last, when the mixture has significantly cooled



UPDATE: Version 2.0 uses no honey and is even tastier (and simpler):

FATS 2.0

    • Ghee - 220 grams

    • Almond Butter - 420 grams (the whole jar)

    • Duck Fat - 50 grams


    • Bluebonnet's Grass Fed Vanilla Protein - 220 grams

    • Grass Fed Gelatin - 140 grams

    • Himalayan Pink Sea Salt - 11 grams (trust me)

    • Cinnamon - 6 grams

    • Creatine - 100 grams (this supports my insane needs for optimal methylation)



    • 1 - 4 capsules of Wild Caught Fish Eggs

    • 1 Spoon full of any nut butter will do!



Directions forthcoming... if ya can't wait, send us an email.

    • 360 grams of fat (180 Tallow / 180 Coconut Oil)

    • 250 grams of 100% dark chocolate, organic, allergen-free

    • 120 to 180 grams gelatin

    • 240 to 300 grams of Bluebonnet's Grass Fed Vanilla Protein

    • 12 to 24 grams of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

    • 6 to 12 grams of Cinnamon

    • 240 to 300 grams of raw, local, organic honey

    • 120 grams of dehydrated egg shells (optional)



    • 168 grams Tallow

    • 500 grams¬†of 100% dark chocolate, organic, allergen-free (me likes Pascha Organic 100% Cacao)

    • 36 grams of vanilla extract

    • 6 to 8 grams of salt

    • 240 grams of pure local honey

    • cacao nibs optional for the crunch


Thank you to all the wonderful customers that contribute to this page and for allowing this ancestral nourishment into your home. 

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    Please share the ingredients and instructions for these two recipes: Stryker’s Chocolate Sweet Surprise and the Chocolate Tallow Chips. Thank you very much!

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