When my boys were tiny, they didn't thrive... they were allergic to everything (even their own dog)... modern day doctors couldn't help so I set out on a journey and discovered ancestral living (things like nose-to-tail foods that our DNA evolved with, the things that our DNA still expects in the modern world to heal and be healthy). My boys haven't been back to a doctor's office the greater part of a decade and they're the strongest, healthiest and happiest boys you'll ever set your eyes on.

I believe that Ancestral Living is the path to health and healing... I get to see people transform... I get to see mothers become moms again because they finally have the energy to put their bodies in motion... I get to see people that were quietly suffering, trapped in their own homes, reconnect with the outside world... I get to see really sick kids (sort of like my own boys) have a decent chance in this world because someone cared enough. This is what gets me up in the morning... I just so happen to make New Zealand sourced, grass-fed, nose-to-tail supplements like bone marrow, liver and other organ meats in a simple, convenient gelatin capsule... (wanna try one)?

If you or your client is still interested in investing, I'm all ears — write me an email with more information. If your email is weak, I probably won't respond. If your email is robust, personal and conveys a message of "why" and "how" you're a true believer, we've been waiting for you... what took you so long!

P.S. We get emails and letters just like yours every day... I simply don't have the time and energy currency to hop on every phone call to hear another proposal that doesn't excite me. That said, make it good, make it count, and we'll keep the fire stoked.

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