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WELCOME influencers

Are you interested in becoming an influencer for Ancestral Supplements?


Merch influencer guidelines

  1. Visit our Shopify store throught the following special Carro link here... 

  2. Request product through the five dots Carro button on the right of the screen to access the ability to request Ancestral Supplements products.

  3. When the Carro interface opens click the 'Carro Collection' purple button under Recommended For You to see the products we have available for you to request.

  4. Select the products you'd like to try and promote in your posts. Then click the Carro button again to complete your request. Don't go through the regular checkout.

  5. Note that Carro requests have to be approved by us and approval is based on a variety of factors. We'll get in contact with you if we have any concerns or questions related to your request.

  6. There's a limit of 1 bottle of each item you request and they for personal use only.

  7. We expect your posts to be up on Instagram within one week of receiving your order.

  8. We encourage anyone signing up to Carro as a merch influencer to sign up for an affiliate link and discount code to get a 10% commission on anyone using your personalized link or code when purchasing from our Shopify webstore. Email Dhreex at to find out more!

  9. When using Instagram to make a post and story add the swipe up option or add the link in your bio / profile page. 


  • If you'd like to join our paid influencer team please contact us by email

  • Please note that this program is for influencers with large followings only and we only have limited slots available per quarter.

  • If you wish to do a giveaway please arrange directly through Dhreex at the above email so that he can make sure that we don't have multiple conflicting giveaway events.

  • For current paid influencers: To upload your assets each month please email them to the above link...

We are looking forward to working with you!

If you have any questions or concerns at all about how any of this influencer business works, we are always happy to help. You can send us an email to

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